Monday, May 19, 2014 - Customize Your Own!

(Disclaimer: I received this product to try and review from My Oatmeal. All opinions shared are my own.)
"So original with great tasting combinations I'm hooked!"
Get creative when preparing breakfast that is healthy and good for your body.
My Oatmeal is a family run company that specializes in custom-made healthy oatmeal.  There are many ingredient to choose from. All gluten free and all natural ingredients.
My personal inspiration was a flashback from my recent anniversary cruise with my husband. One of the desserts we were served was Crème Brulee. It was my first time trying the disk shaped dessert and it was delicious. Also my favorite to-go-to fruit in the morning is a banana so I came up with the Banana Crème Brulee Divine!
One of the things that caught my eye once I received my bag is when I read '22 Billion Combinations'. Whoa. You can really get super creative! I personally do not like too much water in my oatmeal so I did adjust some of the directions. It came out tasting great.
Creating your own custom bag: First, you can select from a small bag (1 lb.) medium bag (2.5 lbs.) or a jumbo bag (4 lbs.). Totally loving that these bags are re-sealable. Next, there are 6 types of oats (they use Non-GMO oats). Quick Rolled Instant Oats, 5 Grain Rolled Oats & Flax, Steel Cut Oats (whole grain pieces), Smash Blend Oatmeal, Gluten Free Quick Oats, & Organic, Gluten Free, Thick Rolled Oats.
After you pick your oats its time for the flavors. There are many to choose from: Peanut Butter, Egg Nog, Cinnamon Roll, Vanilla Cream, Peaches & cream & more! There are also organic ingredients to add as well. Next you pick your fruits. Apples, Bananas, Mangos, etc. Then your Nuts, Seeds & More: Flax Seeds (ground or whole), pecans, sliced almonds, etc. Following is your sweetener: White sugar cane (plant), Brown Sugar Cane (plant), etc.
After that you get the option to choose to receive a new bag of oatmeal weekly or monthly. And for the finale you get to name your bag! Pretty neat to see the name you chose printed on the back of the oatmeal. Now I've seen some very creative names so use your wit & imagination! (I will get more creative next time for sure!)
My bag consisted as follows:
5 Grain Rolled Oats $3.99
Crème Brulee $1.75
1oz Banana Chips $1.50
1oz Ground Flax Seeds $1.50
Brown Cane Sugar (plant) $0.99
Medium (2.25lbs)
Creation name: Banana Crème Brulee Divine!
Total cost: $20.80+S&H (Prices do range depending on the ingredients you select)
I really enjoy eating great tasting oatmeal before going on my jog on the weekends. This product provides just the uniqueness pinch of what will make my breakfast more enjoyable than my default cold cereal every morning.
With Mother's Day just passing I was able to sample this with some of my Momma friends. It was well liked!
This is a perfect gift idea for a friend or loved one. I love that there are also holiday inspired oatmeal selections. For an example, there is the March Chocolate Shamrock, December Ginger Cookie, February Red Velvet Double Date, & more. All sound so festive and yummy!
If you're feeling brave or just not sure what to make you can purchase a mystery bag! We all have those extra ingredients left over when we are cooking from scratch. One of the neat things is they never go to waste with My Oatmeal. Its gets blended together creating such a secret creation you won't know what you bought until you try it! Try 1lb. for a low price of $6.99!
Wonderful and friendly service! After the order was completed I received my bag in just two business days. Fast service.
Customize your bag now and receive 15% off your order using coupon code healthy15.
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You're in control! What kind of oatmeal would you like to create and what you would name it?


  1. The oatmeal sounds like it tastes delicious! We love fruity flavored oatmeal so I would probably get some peaches or strawberries and cream and as for the name, I'm not too creative =)

  2. I love any kind of oatmeal, especially the fruit/cream ones.. We have even added peanut butter to our oatmeal.. Looking for different ways to eat oatmeal...