Friday, April 4, 2014

Vinyl Wall Decor Stickers

It has almost been a full year since my husband & I became a new home owner. Most of the bigger furniture had been bought and my rooms are looking less empty. Now time to brighten up my walls! I began by browsing through eBay and Amazon looking for something within a budget. Not really knowing what to look for but just the idea that I wanted some personality, something cool. Then I found it! I'm totally in LOVE with these wall decors!

There is so much to choose from! There are murals, quotes, even chalk board stickers for the kids bedrooms! Neat-o!
I bought the first one pictured as surprise for my husband. Even though I work early in the mornings I still find a way to say I love you when he wakes up. $11.90 + S&H
The Laundry Room Loads of Fun is super cute! Add a little pop of fun! Made well and perfect size. Easy to apply. $6.98
Getting started: First clean the section you want to work with. Its best to choose a flat/dry surface. Then peel back the back paper. Rub it down with a cloth or with a card (credit card, etc.). It took me several tries and I had to re-position some of the letters if they were uneven and they still stuck to the wall. I'd recommend to not reapply more than a couple times. Depending on the seller the directions can be little different depending on how they are made. One time I received a quote that I had to apply word to word! After all is said and done I love how they came out!

Black Cat Design I have three cats so this one was perrrfect! For some reason I thought it would be taller (guess I should have checked the measurements!) but I ended up really liking it this way! This one was a bit tougher to apply. The pieces were sticking together and it didn't line up in some parts. But as a whole you can't really tell. Love it! $4.28
The last two I won in an eBay auction at a good price. The "It's the moments together, that change us forever" quote was the toughest. I had to apply word for word so lining it up took up a bit of time. I probably wouldn't buy another one like that because my arm was sore by the time I was done. It came out looking nice though! BIN $1.86
The Tree Branch Mural for me was inspired by one of my favorite shows 'Once Upon a Time' from Regina's office. I just LOVE the branches and the black and white look. My shower curtains also match the mural and it looks awesome! This one came in 10 pieces but it was super easy and fast to apply even though its so big! BIN $5.99
Sooo much to choose from out there. The prices on Amazon sometimes go up and down and you can bid at a staring price of $0.99 on eBay. Now I need some for my kitchen. I'm addicted :)
What design would you like to try?

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  1. These are cool looking and a easy way to decorate