Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Refined Feline's Kitty Ball Bed

Up until the past few weeks my cats have been using a big blue butterfly chair to sleep in. It was a bit spacious as it took up quite a bit of room in my living room. After three years of use it reached its peek of wear from my much needed restful cats. As you may know, cats sleep many hours during the day by nature so I wanted something smaller and better quality to last much longer. This espresso kitty ball bed looks so chic and stylish! I was super excited to buy this one.
At first glance taking it out of the box, I noticed it seemed smaller than I'd expected comparing to the picture. Assembling the bed was fast and easy enough. It only comes in two pieces. Also, its very well made. The wicker material is smooth and nothing sticks out. The cushion was far too small for my adult cats so I had to put a blanket inside instead. My luck, my cats showed no interest at first. I had to bribe them with plenty of catnip. After 2 weeks and me worrying to no end, they started sleeping in the bed. Yes! Oddly enough my biggest cat loves this the best. Even with his body sticking out he still loves it!
My only negative is the size. This cat bed is great for smaller felines. I still love this purchase though!
Where is your cat's favorite place to sleep?

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