Wednesday, July 2, 2014

McCormick Grill Mates Burger Bash

"Happy Grillin' with McCormick Grill Mates!"
Its that time of the year again.  Nice summer sun, fun water activities, and a great time to socialize while eating tasty foods. So bring out your grills (in my case I need to buy a new one :) ) Time to get our grill on!
One of my favorite types of foods to grill are burgers so I was super excited to try out these 3 selective seasonings and spices to create three types of burgers. The Grill Mates Classic Burger, Applewood BBQ Burger, and Mushroom & Onion Cheeseburger.
Included was extra steak sauces & spices to create Grill Mates steaks which I will definitely have to try out another weekend!
First we had to prepare the meat mixture. Simply mix 1lb of ground beef and Seasoning Mix until well blended. Shape into patties. For the Mushroom & Onion Cheeseburger you need to heat oil in a large skillet on medium-high heat. Add the mushrooms and onion; cook and stir 4 to 5 minutes or until tender. Set side.
I made 4 patties of the Applewood BBQ Burger.
I made 3 patties of the Mushroom & Onion Burger.

I knew this one would be a hit with the kiddos so I made 6 patties of the Grill Mates Classic Burger.

The meats are prepared so now the fun part... Now to get my flippin' on!
Looking good, almost done...
Of course cooking burgers is not complete until you combo them with potato fries! Also added Mac & Cheese as a side too!
With the added cheese, pickles, lettuce, & ketchup. Now its time to eat!
Everyone loved the Classic Burger. It was full of flavor. You could taste the seasoning with every bite! Another hit was the Applewood Burger. I personally loved this one. Great blend of spices and sweetness. The Mushroom & Onion Cheeseburger was good as well I do not prefer mushrooms & onions so the men enjoyed this one.
No left overs, it was all gone in a flash and the kids were back at playing :)
Simply easy to make and I will be using McCormick Grill Mates again in the near future! There are more recipes from McCormick Grill Mates to try out.
How often do you grill in the summertime?
(Disclaimer: I was provided a free sample from Crowdtap for review. All opinions are my own and I have not been paid for this review.)


  1. We normally bbq all year long. Our favorite thing to grill is chicken. Those burgers look amazingly tasty!

  2. I add seasons to all my meat, especially when I bbq...I also add different sauces to my chicken. Looking forward to grilling again this summer....